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Tears in the rain

This site will exist until I need to renew my wordpress subscription. It will then be lost like tears in the rain. tick, tick…

2021 Resolutions

I have been for years a full-remote software engineer, fully involved in my kids education. I really enjoy time at home, and time alone. Yet still 2020 has been a pain of a year. One year is a surprisingly small amount of time, yet so many things can happen through it. I hope this time,Continue reading “2021 Resolutions”

Myriahedral projections

It’s recently been the 12th anniversary of this paper. It is such a fantastic example of data visualization that have always feel the need of making an implementation of it. Finally I gave it a try with more or less successful results. How I reached this point, was a bit of a rollercoaster of failureContinue reading “Myriahedral projections”

New v8 compiled version

Just compiled and added to the repo of v8 versions 8.4.371.7. This version consistently crashed for arm, arm64 and x86 when the Isolate initialization process tried to set the logger up. I have disabled Isolate log capabilities, which is fine on my side, but could not be your case. As usual, I have added libraryContinue reading “New v8 compiled version”

Compiled v8

several arm and arm64 pre-compiled and ready to use v8 versions.


Fully functional finite state machine library. Concepts and how-to.

Squeezing v8 startup time

On my day to day job, v8 in present most of the time. One philosophical foundation of our product is startup time, and all time taken from startup to the first frame drawn must be lowered as much as possible. This startup time is composed of many different steps, from GL context initialization, to scriptContinue reading “Squeezing v8 startup time”

Android Java/Json converter

With runtime type reflection I’ve been working a long time with multiplayer web-based/Android/iOS games, and one common operation on the server side or native clients is Json conversion to Java and vice versa. For such repetitive tasks I created a runtime reflection-based system to aid me in the process. Serialization is straightforward. Just recursively visitContinue reading “Android Java/Json converter”

Node.js module globals

Everyone that required a Node.js module realised that the module globals keep local to the module and don’t pollute the global namespace. From a Nodejs standpoint, this is fairly easy. Since in Javascript a function creates an scope, a module source code is then wrapped in a javascript function like: This function uses the same javascript contextContinue reading “Node.js module globals”

Change object default toString value in Javascript

For any javascript object, e.g.: A call obj.toString() will by default yield: [object Object] . Some other objects, like the browser Window object, will yield: [object Window] if printed on dev tools. We can force a value different than [object Object] by executing this: Now, obj will be identified as: Tagging special objects has never been easier than this. Addendum The native side of things would lookContinue reading “Change object default toString value in Javascript”

About me

This is a blog about random brain dumps on programming. Mostly things that have been useful to me over the years. In my career I have been cofounder of a couple failed startups, manager, but above all software engineer. As such, I face daily challenges that can be for sure blueprinted, and this is theContinue reading “About me”