Change object default toString value in Javascript

For any javascript object, e.g.:

const obj = {
  x : 3,
  y : true,
  z : function() {}

A call obj.toString() will by default yield: [object Object] . Some other objects, like the browser Window object, will yield: [object Window] if printed on dev tools.

We can force a value different than [object Object] by executing this:

    configurable: true,   // if might be changed/redefined.
    value: ‘MyCoolObj’    // put here your object description.

Now, obj will be identified as:

Tagging special objects has never been easier than this.


The native side of things would look like this:

// for an existing object or template
      v8::String::NewFromUtf8(isolate, "YOUR_STRING_CLASS_HERE"),
          v8::ReadOnly | v8::DontEnum));

// you also could just (e.g. in interface_template):

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