Enable JavascriptCore debugging

Enabling Safari dev tools for JavascriptCore remote debugging of your contexts is much easier on iOS/OSX than on Android. See my article on how to set up remote debugging on v8/Android.

There are two requirements that must be fulfilled first though:

  • Sign your app. This happens automatically on iOS, but is optional for an OSX app.
  • Enable developer menu on Safari. Just open Safari, Preferences, and enable this highlighted-in-red check:

This is roughly 95% of the work. The other 5% is shockingly simple:

let scriptContents = try String(
    contentsOfFile: PATH_TO_YOUR_FILE, 
    encoding: String.Encoding.utf8)

// when evaluating scripts, just pass another parameter:
    withSourceURL: URL(string: URLString))  // add withSourceURL to enable remote debugging

PATH_TO_YOUR_FILE is a valid path path to your Bundle files. Feel free to obtain your script contents from any source.

URLString, is the key component which enables JavascriptCore remote debugging. If not set, JavascriptCore won’t be able to, for example, tell where to download source code or map files from, but most importantly, how to organise your script files in Safari’s javascript console source explorer.

Setting a convenient URLString is paramount. E.g. you can set it to an external url where your map files exist. Don’t forget to use a URL prefix like file:// or http://.

You could also enable these checks in Safari’s Developer Menu to auto pause JavascriptCore’s execution on run. Actually for each evaluated script.

One final note. This debugging capability will also be enabled in production after submitting files to the store. Since withSourceURL parameter is optional you might want to set an #if debug latch to use it or not. Important to know is that only iOS accounts that are present in the app’s provisioning profile will get JavascriptCore’s debugging capabilities enabled. For other users it will be disabled.

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