Building a Javascript game Day 5,6,7,8

These days have been invested on finishing the game model. It’s been an scattered working routine. Instead of taking this side-project too seriously, I just developed when I really felt I could be productive which has turned to be best idea ever since lots of stuff has been accomplished.

Score, bonus notification, one power up, bubble locks, level cycle, level stats, end game menu… all these have been implemented. I still need to work on sound, visuals and tuning levels difficulty up. I was supposed to finish the game by day 9, and surprisingly, I will have a functional game by then. I think I have added a lot of detail to the game with everything subject to have a little animation.

Locks animation
Power up
Big pop + power up feed

I feel trapped inside the Pareto rule. The little pending details the game need are taking like forever to finish, but the game mechanics are just there.

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