Building a Javascript game Day 9

A lot of time has passed since 8th day of work in the game. That subtle need of providing is probably the culprit…

I have added a in-game feature: rainbow bubble. This bubble matches against any other bubble type. Can’t be selected on its own or popped using the ray. It is created by popping a large array of bubbles. 12 at the moment, but will surely adjust it. The generation of this bubble is renderer in a custom shader which, based on time, draws more and thicker small particles in a rectangle. This is the effect of adding up to 60 particles in a second:

I have also modified the game model. Bubble Locks are just one of the condition types by which you can beat a game. Still need to add timed games, explode-N-bubbles-of-a-type and leave-as-much-as-N-bubble-in-game logic types. But after the model refactor, this should be affordable to do.

The most complicated type-of-game to code was the previously existing Locks mode. Each lock is attached to a bubble position, and to the bubbles model, etc. which needed of some wiring into the Condition interface.

I will leave game features as they already are, whitout adding any more. I plan to release the game on day 12, which overall would mean 2 working weeks of semi dedicated time. After that, buy some artwork and sounds before making it an open release.

Published by ibon

Chocolate engineer, software eater. Data visualisation at Workday. Past: Platochat, SdkBox, Chukong, Ludei.

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