2021 Resolutions

I have been for years a full-remote software engineer, fully involved in my kids education. I really enjoy time at home, and time alone. Yet still 2020 has been a pain of a year.

One year is a surprisingly small amount of time, yet so many things can happen through it. I hope this time, 2021 does not pass unnoticed by my side. I have decided I will write my resolutions and reflect on them regularly to see how close I have kept to them. Here are my 2021 Resolutions:

Pay more attention to others. At least once a month do something together with my wife. Simple things are good enough: watch a movie, go for a walk, have lunch on a bench by the sea…, anything will work, but she must feel special and loved.
My kids already have all my attention, but I need to find an independent activity with each of them. Once a month, they will get all my time. They must as well feel special during this activity.
Retake contact with old and new friends. If possible, hang out together at least once a month. At the bare minimum, retake contact by zoom, anything will work as soon as we see each other again.

Start taking care of myself. Eat healthier. Be back to my vegetarian diet, or as close as possible. Retake my exercise routine. End 2021 with 10kg less than I currently weight.
Once a month have quality time for myself. Read books, listen to music, shoot photos, paper-fold, play games… This activity must never take over any of the other resolutions or its activities.

Exchange jobs. Find a place where people are first, project is second, and the paycheck is the last thing to consider.

Make at least $1 on the internet. As a software engineer I compulsively generate side projects. While disciplined enough to finish most of them, they never see the light. This time I will invest my time in something I could charge for, useful and cool to work on. LOL.

Stop worrying. Avoid phrases that contain more than two conditionals on the same sentence. Life is really short to keep complaining or fearing. If Covid emergency has taught me something is that you just rock. So do I.

And that’s it. I will be back to this list from time to time and see how things are going. Honestly, during global pandemic, it is Ok to simply let resolutions go. We already have enough by living these times.

All the best.
– Ibon

Published by ibon

Chocolate engineer, software eater. Cool stuff at PlatoApp.com Past: Workday, Platochat, SdkBox, Chukong, Ludei.

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